Deep Thoughts Only Partially Influenced by Wine

"Where there is impossibility, there is possibility; and where there is possibility, there is impossibility. It is because there is right, that there is wrong; it is because there is wrong, there is right...Thereupon the self is also the other; the other is also the self." --Zhuangzi

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blake needs...

I know I have not posted in a long while and it is likely this will never be seen by anyone but spammers but I am in a blah mood at work so.... OK, I have googlized myself a bit by copying friends looking up “Blake Needs”. It is wonderful to have a first name as a last name as it makes for interesting googlism considering that my first name is the last name of a well-known actor/murderer, professional football player, professional hockey player, a poet, and evidently a zany British politician (I think that is where some of these came from anyhow). My thoughts on the matter are in ( )

Blake needs a new lawyer (Yes well… the first one kept insisting I plead innocent… Where is the fun in that?)
Blake needs help (Well, Duh!)
Blake needs to raise thousands of dollars (So I can get that new lawyer…)
Blake needs a lung transplant (Wahoo! )
Blake needs to breathe (This is why I need the lung transplant I suppose. )
Blake needs to “man up” (Ummm… This one kinda scares me…)
Blake needs a buddy (Won’t you be, could you be my buddy, I mean neighbor. )
Blake needs to work on his ball handling (Ummmm…)
Blake needs Gus to find the killer (So there will be no need for a new lawyer? )
Blake needs to shoot more (I suppose I need to take action when I find the killer)
Blake needs a vacation (Double Duh! )
Blake needs to relax (Plan on that during vacation)
Blake needs a drink or two (Just two? )
Blake needs alchohol (Yes… It helps me spelle welle)
Blake needs a kegger for next week (Party! Party! )
Blake needs to isolate himself from drugs (Nooooo!! )
Blake needs some tweaking (I thought I needed to stay away from drugs? )
Blake needs a home (Will you adopt me? )
Blake needs directions (Tell me where I live again? )
Blake needs you now! (Yes, help me find my home. )
Blake needs to feel wanted (Don’t leave me! )
Blake needs a man in her life (Funny, I don’t remember having a sex change)
Blake needs to put on some clothes (This is how I get that man in my life? )
Blake needs a hat (My definition of clothes? )
Blake needs Matthew back (Is Matt my man? )
Blake needs a date (Good thing I am wearing that hat)
Blake needs to be slapped (I guess I am not very proper at my date getting techniques)
Blake needs a Stepford Wife (Ummmm…. Did I reverse the sex change now? )
Blake needs more action (Yep, a Stepford Wife is not enough for this man who was a woman and now is a man again. )
Blake needs to keep speaking his mind (I dunno, I may end up getting even less action. )
Blake needs to keep his mouth shut (Huh? Which is it? )
Blake needs to use his brain (To speak my mind and keep my mouth shut at the same time evidently)
Blake needs a job (Nah, limits the time I have for action)
Blake needs money (Probably would help me get more action)
Blake needs to make bail (This is why I need money? )
Blake needs one too (Ummmm…. One what? )
Blake needs to be replaced (Yup, this model is too needy)
Blake needs to receive a full psychological evaluation (I can tell you how this would turn out and it is not good! )
Blake needs a character witness (For more proof of insanity? )
Blake needs their help to combat the Federation (Yup, I need to save the world from department stores… oops that is Federated. )
Blake needs to be an offensive threat (So I can be more combative? )
Blake needs to pay for his crimes (The crime of being offensive, I assume)