Deep Thoughts Only Partially Influenced by Wine

"Where there is impossibility, there is possibility; and where there is possibility, there is impossibility. It is because there is right, that there is wrong; it is because there is wrong, there is right...Thereupon the self is also the other; the other is also the self." --Zhuangzi

Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Teal Green Weekend

Just a few random thoughts as I am stuck at work on a Sunday after being stuck at work on a Saturday. In some ways I would really prefer to work on Saturday and Sunday and say have Thursday and Friday off. Why, because I think I would really get more stuff done. It is so peaceful here that I almost don't hate the client who is the reason I am here this weekend. I said ALMOST!!! No phones, no speakerphone meetings in the cubical next door where I could swear that at least one participant has an office on the freeway, no one gossiping about the latest affair, no one describing to someone else the fun of pregnancy and dilation, and NOTHING!

So while I am waiting for a few things to process, I am back to responding to match ads. I suppose I just love punishment. This time however, I am making my responses short and sweet. They are still thoughtful, silly, and more than three words, but I don't feel the need to be wordy anymore. I am really wanting to get back into where I think I could meet quality women anymore anyhow. Not that there are not plenty of those somewhere on match, but I think I come across better in person after saying a few things that I am truly excited about. So back to the volunteer type groups, the wine bars, the wine tasting clubs, and the like for me. I will take a warm-hearted gal with a glass of red wine in her hand any day!

Speaking of wine.... I want one now! Me wishes me stuff would be done now!

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  • At 7:04 PM, Blogger seaslover said…

    Me wishes I had not drunk an entire bottle BY MYSELF last night in the dorms with 4 others who were imbibing - three were on the reds, and one was drinking Lancaster's finest - Strawberry Wheat! Missed your b-day :( Hope you are having fun in Vegas!!! - j


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